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Tell me in a Nutshell what is IOTA?

The revolutionary new CryptoCurrency built on Tangle (read: Whitepaper). A blockless distributed ledger which is scalable, lightweight and for the first time ever makes it possible to transfer value without any fees.

IOTA is a Crypto Currency that is Open Sourced and designed for the IoT (Internet of Things). The main advantages of IOTA are:

  • Fee Less
    I think the most popular feature is that IOTA doesnt have any fees. Mining other currencies and waiting for them to be approved can takes ages and can cost a rather large percentage of your earning.
  • Micro Transactions
    IOTA runs on the Tangle which for the first time ever allows a crypto currency to send micro payments. As little as 0.00000001 IOTA can be sent from Wallet to Wallet
  • Scalable
    The IOTA Foundation have not even released most use cases for how scalable IOTA and the Tangle are. Have a look around the internet: The distributed ledger revolution has only barely begun

To truly understand what IOTA is, you need to get your head around the IoT(Internet of Things). Also knows as the 5G/Web 3.0 era. The premise of this a world were technological devices communicate with each other and share data using senors that are embedded into the actual device. For example, Computers, microchips, phones, beacons, medical and legal devices. The list goes on...

On the Official IOTA Website they state:

"IOTA, The backbone of IOT"

What does this mean? Well basically IOTA wants to become the standardized ledger of IoT, which supporters of IOTA call “the Ledger of Everything.

What should you invest in IOTA?

If you Google How to buy IOTA or Why should I invest in IOTA you will no doubt come across this article: Why should I invest in IOTA?. This alone should be enough to peak your interest. If the current low price does not sway you. Take a look at their official whitepaper and read up on the tech. The devs are creating a revolutionary block-less architecture that will allow for quantum safe, fast and secure token exchange.

Great right, so how do you get involved?

Head on over to our step by step guide: How to buy IOTA.

Welcome to the IOTA community. A community that is focused on creating a de-centralised and open sourced future.

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