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When you buy iota on an exchange, or any other crypto currency, that coins keys are stored on something called a crypto wallet. That specific wallet is owned and controlled by the exchange. You do not need to keep your crypto on an exchange. In fact, it is considered best practice to store them on your own wallets for security.

Each currency will have it's own original wallet and there are wallets out there that cater for many types. IOTA has the official Trinity Wallet. In this tutorial I will show you how to get your receiving address so that you can send your crypto from the exchange to your own secure wallet.

Step 1: Download Trinity

Head over to the official Trinity download page and choose what platform you wish to download Trinity for. This tutorial uses a mac but the process is the same. Here are the options:

Step 1: Download Trinity IOTA Wallet

Step 2: Set up your wallet

Trinity comes with a very sleak and easy to follow set up wizard. It has one of the easiest processes of any crypto wallet. Follow the instructions to get set up until you have a brand new and blank interface as below:

Step 2: Follow instructions

Step 3: Click the receive button

Look top left of the Trinity wallet application. You will see the IOTA Logo, just right of that you will see the Receive button, click that:

Step 3: Location receive button

Step 4: Generate new address

This will now change the top section of the application and show you a full width bar which has a few fields in it; A button to generate a new address, a text field for a message and two buttons, one to cancel and one to copy address. Click the generate new address button:

Step 4: Generare new address

Step 5: Copy your address

Fill out the message form if you want to. It might be nice, if you are using the barcode on your website or perhaps an article and you want donations to write something like Thank you. You could even use a unique reference if you are using different addresses in different locations. Anyway click copy address and voila, there you go.

Step 5: Complete form and get address

Psst.. That barcode will scan from Trinity so feel free to send me a Thank you :)